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Hearts of Oak on Tour: USA - Washington DC
Mar 31, 2022

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Hearts of Oak on Tour: USA - Washington DC

Next stop of our tour of North America is Washington DC, and what a fantastic time was had! I spent Tuesday evening with Jason Miller and Kaelan Dorr from GETTR and it was wonderful to meet Kaelan for the first time in person after interviewing him recently for Hearts of Oak. Wednesday was a big one!..... We are all avid watchers and fans of Steve Bannon and The WarRoom at Hearts of Oak so it was an absolute privilege to be invited for a live interview with him on the show. Nerve racking it was, but Steve put me at ease and I was blown away by his energy and his grasp of the important issues both in the US and the UK. I admire Steve Bannon for his ideas, intensity and the way he never accepts that something is impossible, he is a real inspiration. It is great to make connections with such people as one of the things we are trying to do at Hearts of Oak is build friendships, networks and to present individuals and organisations from all different areas that have an important message to share. After Canada being -10°, Washington DC 6°, the next stop of the tour is the sunshine state of Florida and I'm looking forward to a balmy 30° .......... hope I remembered my sunscreen! Originally broadcast 31.3.22 WarRoom interview with Steve Bannon

Jason Miller on GETTR Kaelan Dorr on GETTR Steve Bannon on GETTR The WarRoom on GETTR The WarRoom on Rumble

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