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Hearts of Oak on Tour: USA - Austin/Texas with Terry Giles
Apr 04, 2022

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The tour continues and while in Texas I was able to spend a few days with lawyer, author, entrepreneur and political heavyweight Terry Giles. We discuss the current state of US politics and how the woke agenda, with its nonsensical policies and poor understanding of biology has flooded the country like a toxic tsunami.
With the midterms fast approaching and people waking up to the cult like virtue signalling and the disastrous Biden administration, it looks like the Republicans will retake both houses. All of this is feeding ammo to Donald J Trump, who is seeing huge crowds at his rallies and his hold on the Republican Party looks absolute.

Terry Giles was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University at Fullerton and his Jurist Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law, where there is now a Terry Giles Honor Scholar. In 1975, he established what would become one of the largest and most successful criminal law firms on the West Coast. Some of Giles’ clients have included Richard Pryor, Kennedy Lay, J Howard Marshall III and Martin Luther King Jr’s remaining children. In 1983, Terry withdrew from the firm, disillusioned with the criminal legal system. Starting over, he took a small Toyota dealership and built it into the fifth largest in the world, he then helped build a Canon copier distributorship into the third largest in the country and negotiated the sale of ComputerLand, a company with $2.5 billion in annual sales. He also reestablished his legal practice, but this time focused exclusively on civil trial matters and only for clients and causes that he believed in. In 2008 he was runner up for “National Jury Trial Lawyer of the Year” for his work in the Catholic predator priest cases in California. Through the course of his career, he has bought/built 35 companies in a variety of industries. Today, his company, Giles Enterprises, has diversified interests in biotech, time management, European 5-Star hotels and restaurants, and financial portfolio investments. He is chairman of Landmark Worldwide Corporation, a San Francisco-based enterprise with 43 offices in 20 countries and Pacific Biomarkers, a diagnostic laboratory enterprise in Seattle, additionally, Terry serves on the Boards of Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, the Pepperdine University Board of Regents, and The Giles O’Malley Foundation. Terry has received the Medal of Honor Alumni Award from Pepperdine University, Alumnus of the Year from Pepperdine University School of Law, the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans Award, and the Distinguished Alumnus Award of California State University of Fullerton. He further serves as an adjunct professor of law at Pepperdine University School of Law. He was the campaign manager for his good friend, Ben Carson’s Presidential campaign in 2015 and Terry’s latest book, The Fifteen Percent: Overcoming Hardships and Achieving Lasting Success, was published in 2020. The number in the title comes from Giles’ observations during the Catholic sexual abuse scandal. Giles represented hundreds of the accusers in the case that spanned eight long, arduous years. The vast majority of the victims had their lives destroyed by the abuse they suffered at the hands of priests they and their parents trusted absolutely. But a minority, about 15 percent, went on to lead successful lives. For the majority, suffering unspeakable tragedy upended them. But Giles observed that for the 15 percent, the terrible abuse either did not permanently derail them or it actually propelled them to succeed. They were unstoppable and would have succeeded under any circumstances, Giles writes. Tragedy, rather than destroying them, was a near-miss that left them with low fear thresholds and hardened their resolve to live. The Fifteen Percent: Overcoming Hardships and Achieving Lasting Success available to purchase on Amazon

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