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Abolish the Family! [E277]
Apr 10, 2022

Tired of confusing culture wars and irrational arguments? Do you seek to understand narratives influencing global culture? Lucas Skrobot tears down current global and cultural events giving you the history and context you need to expose underlying world views driving cultural agendas. Ultimately connecting back to why it should matter you, what we can learn, and how to order our lives and society to own the future.

Understand the world, discern truth, own the future. Listen to the full episodes at or where ever you listen to podcasts--including youtube.


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Time Stamps: Intro monologue 00:00:07 Ukraine v Russia v Nato 00:05:24 Yield Curve Rings warning bells 00:15:28 What is a woman according to the WEST and the MIDDLE EAST 00:18:34 A woman is someone who identifies as a woman. 00:26:13 Fundamental difference between west and east on view of women. 00:36:42 Yeah that makes sense - Antinatalism - Don’t have kids. 00:40:04 Why is having kids still celebrated? 00:41:49 A lot of humans wish they were never born 00:43:09 Have kids is far from a personal choice. 00:43:49 Life may be worth continuing but is it worth starting 00:45:11 Woman can be whole without becoming a mom 00:45:35 We are the most invasive and overpopulated species 00:47:18 Stop Spreading Intergenerational Trauma 00:47:26 what is one unselfish reason to have children? 00:48:42 Why bring kinds into a world you distract yourself from? 00:49:15 Not bringing someone into existence can be an act of love. 00:50:00 Abolish the family. 00:50:46 Value for value 01:06:01 Weaver and Loom - Dealing with Grief. 01:07:09 Get more from this show. 01:12:27

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If you want to get MORE value out of the show, talk about it with a colleague or co worker, or friend. You will begin to build (hopefully) stronger relationship and culture through texting this to a friend and then talking about the concepts discussed here. Remember, as leaders our first job is to define reality and define culture and that is done brick by brick.

Until next time… uncover your purpose, discern the Truth, and own the future. To take more steps to live a focus life to achieve your dreams and fulfill your destiny–get my book Anchored the Discipline to Stop Drifting. Thank you for listening, and as always you can find me at: WhatsApp: +1-202-922-0220 Tiktok: LinkedIn: Instagram:

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