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The Week According To . . . Liz Phillips
Apr 16, 2022

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Welcome to our regular meander through the top stories and articles from the news and media this week and our very own Iron Lady, Liz Phillips returns with her straight talking and unrepentant opinions. From her bunker in deepest darkest Kent, Liz joins us as we take aim at Downing Street, PartyGate and Boris. Is the bloated lummox about to receive more fines? You sunk my battleship!! In the Ukraine conflict, Russian warship Moskva is residing in Davy Jones' Locker while the complete pillock we call our Prime Minister jaunts around 'war torn' Kiev in his suit weeks after wearing a stab proof vest while in Liverpool! In the world of science and medicine, an apparent cure has been found for heart attacks using....wait for it.... the mRNA technology used in the Covid vaccine that might be behind the sudden rise in cardiac problems we have seen, although you can get them of course through climate change, sudden referee whistles, making the bed or lack of sleep as we have learnt recently! In China tens of millions are locked down and trapped while we are being warned of some of the shortages we will expect to see (or not see as the case may be) in our stores as the CCP continue their attempt at zero Covid. Back in Blighty, Home Secretary Priti Patel approves a scheme to send illegal migrants to Rwanda in an attempt to tackle the record numbers that are invading our shores, causing a liberal meltdown from the yoghurt knitting, sandal wearing 'refugees are welcome here' brigade. Interesting times for Twitter and free speech in general as Elon Musk delivers an audacious bid for the purchase of the social media giant, they could choose the red pill or the blue pill, but have they opted for the poison one?

Liz Phillips was brought up as a farmer's daughter in rural Kent in South East England. She has led a varied life, working in many industries including animal feed manufacturing, fencing, paper making and security. Liz was on the management team that opened the first ever Argos store, she owned and leased three restaurants in Mid Wales and has even managed a 5000 acre estate in France!! A member of both the Referendum Party and UKIP working latterly for Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten as PA, to help achieve the referendum and Brexit vote. Liz also has fond memories of working with the late Stuart Wheeler to reach the same goal. Married to an ex serviceman for the last 34 years, Liz and her husband started their own TV company (Freedom Digital Media Ltd.) in 2020 to rebut the propaganda and fake news from the MSM!! This covers Freedom Digital Broadcasting for TV available on ROKU, Amazon Fire and on their website, Free Tube – with similar properties to YouTube, and Free Voice on Mastadon – their own equivalent of Twitter. Liz and her husband have also used their extensive knowledge of the security industry to re-train and help with the tutoring of Peace Constables and Common Law.

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Links to stories from this episode Partygate Boris Johnson could get three more fines over Partygate, say insiders Ukraine / Russia Russian warship: Moskva sinks in Black Sea Boris wears stab vest in Liverpool and suit in Kiev Covid Scientists discover world's first cure for heart attacks using the same mRNA technology as Covid vaccines China lockdown: tens of millions trapped in Shanghai China Covid Lockdown: Here Are New Shortages You Might See Soon Immigration Patel personally approved Rwanda plan launch after civil servant concerns Musk and Twitter Elon Musk claps back as Saudi prince speaks out on potential Twitter takeover Twitter adopts 'poison pill' strategy to defend against Elon Musk takeover bid

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