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Grooming Gangs: Zero Accountability As Not a Single Police Officer is Found Guilty
Apr 21, 2022

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The failings of our institutions to tackle the grooming gang culture that exists in some Pakistani Muslim communities in the UK continue apace. This time it is the police who have failed, for nearly seven years they have been investigating themselves to decide if one of the 43 police forces within the UK failed in their duty of care to the girls being trafficked and raped. The police force that was being investigated was South Yorkshire, In the end they found themselves not guilty. This is what happens when self regulation is the norm, wrongdoing is simply covered up and the public are told to "move on, nothing to see here". We will look at this cover up report and at the recent half apologies from other police forces as we face more and more cases of these men being prosecuted. It seems like there is no end to this abuse of our children and to the desire of our institutions to cover it up.

Originally broadcast 21.4.22

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