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The Week According To . . . Caroline Farrow
Apr 23, 2022

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Caroline Farrow returns for our weekend blitz through the news and other talking points in the media this week. Caroline is the campaign director for CitizenGo and will be giving us an update on the support she has been given for their current petition to 'Scrap the Family Sex Show' (link to petition below) which has been making headlines in the UK, a show planning to tour in England that bills itself as an ‘alternative to porn’, featuring performers stripping completely naked and yet markets itself to families and children as young as five. As this 'gender' assault on our children continues Sajid Javid has called for an inquiry into whether vulnerable children are wrongly being given gender hormone treatment by the NHS and is planning an overhaul of how health service staff deal with under-18s who question their gender identity. We look at the story of criminal defence barrister, Allison Bailey, who is raising money to sue Stonewall to 'stop them policing free speech' after the organisation pressured a leading chambers to remove her, effectively ruining her career for being highly critical of the LGBT charity’s approach to transgender rights. In Camden Town, London, which was the first borough to open a ladies only toilet, campaigned for by activist and playwright George Bernard Shaw, have made a u-turn and female only toilets are being reinstated after reports that a woman had reported a frightening experience in the unpopular gender-neutral loos. The Education Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi has said that teachers must tell parents if their child comes out as transgender and says schools ‘have a duty to safeguard those children and parents are very much part of that’ as he draws up new guidelines. Covid continues to bring misery in the travel industry as experts predict cuts to flights because of the loss of workers from the pandemic, red tape slowing things down and unprecedented staff illness and absence and we finish up in Spain where Burger King has withdrawn and apologized for an offensive ad campaign used on billboards throughout the country depicting Jesus at the Last Supper consecrating the bread, modifying them to promote a new vegetarian burger causing outrage among Catholics during Holy Week. *SIGN THE 'Scrap the Family Sex Show' HERE

In 2010, frustrated by many of the media headlines and negative coverage of Catholicism, Caroline began a blog in defence of Catholic teaching and to reflect on UK current affairs and world events through the lens of a Catholic woman. What began as nothing more than personal musings designed to explain and propose controversial ethics and life issues to those who had struggled with them, or to de-bunk misleading narratives and headlines, soon mushroomed and popular posts would receive more than 30,000 unique visitors a day. Between 2011 and 2017, she was a member of the organisation Catholic Voices, set up to promote the defence of Catholic teaching in the public square and made numerous media interventions on their behalf and quickly became the 'go to' voice for media organisations looking to represent a female conservative Catholic point of view. Since 2013 Caroline has writes a weekly column for the Catholic Universe and has written for and featured in a number of other publications such as the Catholic Herald, the National Catholic Register, the Conservative Woman, Mercatornet, Crisis Magazine, LifeSiteNews and Church Militant. She used to write on Catholic culture at the now defunct Spectator Arts blog and has been featured in the Daily Mail, the Observer and the New Statesman. In 2013, Caroline was included as part of the first cohort of the BBC's '100 women' and she regularly features on BBC News, Sky News, ITV's Good Morning Britain, BBC Sunday Morning Live, the Big Questions and has made multiple appearances on Radio 4's flagship Today programme, Woman's Hour, the Moral Maze and the Sunday programme as well as featuring in one-off documentaries. Caroline also presented the coverage for March for Life UK for EWTN and has contributed to News Nightly and Celtic Connections. She also frequently contributes to Talk Radio, LBC and BBC local radio as well as BBC Radio Ulster, discussing matters pertaining to Catholicism, feminism and the challenges of motherhood and family life. Caroline has an eclectic career background. She began her professional life as a student accountant for a big 5 firm before succumbing to a desire for travel and adventure and became a member of cabin crew working both long and short-haul routes for internationally acclaimed airlines. Having got the travel bug out of her system, she returned to work within investment banking and private equity in the City of London until her first child was born. Caroline is currently the campaign director at CitizenGO, has 5 children of school-age, four girls and one boy and is married to a Catholic priest who converted from Anglicanism, a few years after they were married.

Follow Caroline on GETTR and Twitter @CF_Farrow and online

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Links to stories discussed Gender chaos How COULD this sex show for children as young as five get £40,000 of public cash? Production urging youngsters to explore 'sexual pleasure' is cancelled after more than 38,000 sign petition Laurence Fox supports the petition I am so grateful we had a chance to support you in your campaign. Thank you for raising public awareness of this important issue Sajid Javid inquiry into gender treatment for children Alison Bailey rasing money to sue Stonewall. Women-only public toilets to be reinstated in Camden Town Teachers must tell parents if their child comes out as transgender, says Nadhim Zahawi Lockdown Chaos Holidays under threat over airline staff shortages: Experts warn of 'inevitable' cuts to flights due to Covid absences, Home Office delays in staff security vetting and loss of workers during pandemic after BA and Easyjet slashed services Mocking Christianity Burger King in Spain apologizes, pulls offensive Holy Week ads

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