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Bill Gates: The Code in mRNA Vaccines Can Be Updated Without Regulators Noticing
May 08, 2022

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Fareed Zakaria: "Is the [mRNA vaccine technology] transforming? I think of the way vaccines were made in the old days, there's a lot of trial and error, you've got to sculpt the vaccine exactly right … Here, it is a more mass-produced version of vaccines. Does that mean we can give vaccines for things like cancer, for AIDS, for everything?"

Bill Gates: "Not immediately, but the dream is yes ... A lot of the funding for these mRNA companies is for cancer-related vaccines. Part of the beauty is that even if the thing you're trying to attack, the cancer, only a small number of people have it, it's so easy to change the instructions in the vaccine — you don't have to build a whole new factory, … and hopefully the regulator sees 'oh, you're just doing this small thing, go ahead' …"


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