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F2F Radio: Dr. Richard Multiverse Miller
May 22, 2022

Host of the Live Weekly Video/Audio broadcast: Feet to the Fire Radio, now in its 19th year!Alternative Talk for the Times... Seeking the Answers of the Age. Seeking Reality via the Path of Non-Contradiction.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller returned to F2F Radio in what was supposed to be watched live, but I stopped the live cast due to Internet bandwidth issues with many skipped frames, instead opting to upload the local copy.

In light of the forthcoming Dr. Strange movie, Richard talks about the real multiverse; if anything is real, that is. He released a new book: "The Non-Local Mind," which addresses the nature of consciousness and reality.

His stream-of-consciousness style is a wild ride that does stop for a moment to talk about a possible "Carringing-like" event approximated to be within 2024 from data retrieved from a project dropping a probe into the Sun's Heliosphere.

Audio-Only Podcast Link:

His website is, and if it is your first time experiencing Richard, he is a playlist of other Video Interviews I have done over the years of Feet To The Fire Radio:

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