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With Fear Of Chinese Invasion, Taiwan Citizens Learn How To Use Guns, This Is The Militia
Jun 09, 2022

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Yet another modern-day example of why we have the Second Amendment and a perfect example of who the Militia is!

The Taiwanese don't have a second amendment, so when there is a threat from a foreign government, the people have to get their guns from their Government.

The problem is, what happens when the threat is their Government?

Do you think a tyrannical Taiwanese government will hand out guns to the people so they can use those guns to fight back against the same tyrannical Taiwanese Government?

No, that's stupid.

That's why our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment. They knew any government can become tyrannical, even our own.

That's why the the second Amendment using modern english essentially says, As a result of needing a well regulated (i.e. well function and capable) Militia, which is the people (i.e. You) to protect this country, at no time will the peoples ability to own arms be infringed by the Government.

And that's what the people of Taiwan are learning right now, just like the people of Ukraine.

The people are the Militia. Yet another modern-day example of why we have the Second Amendment and a perfect example of who the Militia is!

I Am the Militia ➡️

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