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Mitchell Gerber: Planned Parenthood is Selling the Bodies of Dead Babies to the CCP to Develop Bioweapons to Use Against Americans
Jul 08, 2022

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Anybody with a brain (which is becoming less and less as time goes by) can clearly see that our own government is colluding with the Chinese Communist Party. What’s shocking is to what degree.

Sure, America’s collusion with the CCP is regards to covid-19, trade and governmental issues. But did you know that our own government is colluding with China to ensure we abort as many babies as possible?

Why would our own government work with China to make sure that Americans are getting abortions by the millions? Because China is buying up the dead bodies of the aborted babies, that’s why.

During today’s episode of The Breakdown, Mitchel Gerber, and investigative journalist specializing in China’ black market for human organs, explained.

To catch the full interview with Mitchel Gerber and the rest of the episode of The Breakdown with Jeff Dornik, become a Freedom First TV subscriber. You’ll get access to the full library of FFTV shows, which includes hosts like Teddy Daniels, Kandiss Taylor, Dr Mark Sherwood, Matt Couch, Chad Caton and more. Use discount code JEFF for 25% off when you sign up at

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