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Christian Nationalism vs Pagan Nationalism: There's Both Conflict & Common Ground
Aug 18, 2022

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We present our own disagreements with "Christian nationalism" and some of the people that are pushing it. We explain the reality of the shared history of Pagans and Christians. The take away is this: You can not be pro-White and anti-Pagan, in this video we explain why. We have a remarkable amount of common ground once you look honestly at European and Western history. There is no separating the two and as far as our enemies are concerned, they hate you and want you gone regardless of your faith.

We recommend watching the video till the end to get an honest perspective on who built Western Civilization and that our best course of action is to recognize that there are some things we'll remain deeply divided on and we'll remain in separate camps but we can still fight for our common goals. The solution is not to attack each other but all those that undermine our people. That includes the anti-White religious institutions and the shitlib “pagans” AKA new agers.

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