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Version 2 w/ 3 min summary. Crowdfunding for the Love, Freedom, and the World Project
Aug 25, 2022

This is the FalkenBrown Show, where I focus on the timeless goals of fostering love and freedom around the world. Topics are guided by the values of love, beauty, joy, and freedom. I’m Peter Falkenberg Brown. I'm a #Conservative #ProIsrael Speaker & Writer studying the #Mystical path. Visit my website for more information:

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This is Version 2 of the Love, Freedom, and the World Project Crowdfunding Project.

It has a 3 minute summary at the front, followed by more details.

The Love, Freedom, and the World Project focuses on the themes of love, beauty, joy, and freedom, centered on the omnipresence of the God of love. Its name is based on the central truth that a world of freedom requires the growth of love and God-centered ethics and values.

In a speech I gave in 2021, called "In Defense of Love and Freedom," I offered this premise:

"Love is the reason and justification for freedom. Love gives birth to freedom, and 'the Death of Love' destroys freedom. At the same time, freedom is the garden in which love can blossom."

Thus, the Love, Freedom, and the World project focuses on the internal source of freedom, not just the external attributes of freedom. With that guideline, I've produced over fifty videos during the last few years, more or less evenly divided between the themes of love, beauty, and joy on the one hand, and freedom on the other. Another way to describe them is that some are focused on spirituality, mysticism, and ethics, while others focus on freedom-oriented topics which inevitably touch on political issues and the destructive effects of totalitarianism.

I'm starting this crowdfunding effort so that I can do this mission / project full time. As we all may feel, the world is on a knife edge, with many people starving for love and with freedoms of all types under threat. I'm looking for Patrons, both large and small.

To donate and get more information, visit this web url: [email protected]

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