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Animal Connections S1E4 Elephant Whisperer
Sep 05, 2022

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Learning to Speak the Amazing Language of Animals.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one could understand animals better? Tap into their energy to share their wisdom? Host André Shirley talks about our long-lost abilities and how to get these back again. Here we spotlight how to do this. It is not a special talent but something that can be mastered by anybody dedicated enough to try. This show will help you with tips and tools to start your own journey to connecting to our co-residents on this planet.

This episode is is about a person who said he was not an animal communicator, but clearly, he was. Lawrence Anthony took on some mentally damaged elephants and made them whole again. His story can be read in the book The Elephant Whisperer - The elephants can be viewed at Thula Thula game reserve -

André can be contacted on telegram - @zaxenon, or on email

“Elephants are the animals which surpasses all others in wit and mind” Aristotle

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