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129: Dollar Store Wood Craft - Fleecimals Friday
Sep 16, 2022

Hello and welcome to my channel - Life Skills with Dr. V. I'm Dr. Vullo - my students called me Dr. V. and my friends call me Ron. Let's be friends!

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For my entire career I worked in Learning, Technology, and Information Science. The last 19 years as a university computing professor. Now that I'm retired I have decided to share some of my knowledge and life's experience, together with my daughter Michelle (@Fleecimals) with all of you. Although my career has been based on digital technology, I have always maintained a connection with the analog. With making, repairing, restoring, cooking, growing, etc. so there is always something different here every week!

Hey Everyone! On this today's Fleecimals Friday episode of Life Skills we do a little craft project that we found at our local dollar store. It can be a fun craft to do for a date night or something to do with your children or even just something relaxing to do on your own! We recommend you try it out however you choose and hope you have a fun and relaxing time! If you enjoyed the video, we ask that you share it with at least 1 other person who might also find it enjoyable and consider subscribing if you are not already, thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!

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