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Mad Dog Musings 29 Oct 2022 - We Definitely Need Moar Political Violence in the ZOGland
Oct 31, 2022

"The Ten Thousand Warlords will conquer the ZOGland once ZOG/Babylon The Third & Final Falls" -- Pastor Martin Lindstedt

In today's (10-29-22) Mad Dog Musings, Pastor Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt covers the recent nut breaking into the old senile gin-whore Nancy Pelosi's Sans Fagscrisco mansion looking to do her harm but instead cum across her equally drunken husband and proceeded to hit him with a hammer, regrettably not killing him. The cry "Where's Nancy" by ZOGling whigger ass-clown "insurrectionists" was the 6th January battle-cry but such was the tard-cry of this nut from Berkley down the road.

The problem that the ZOGbot twats [d]ruling over us is that they have to pretend to be one of the PissPul so must get out and every so often as occurs like back in early 2011 some jew nut shoots a Democrat congress-kosher-kritter, a federal judge and others and there is much pissing and moaning. Even for Senile Joe it isn't all just sniffing 8-year-old whiggress skanklings and fun & games. Eighty percent of ZOGlings are useless and harmless but a certain percentage of ZOGling whiggers are sort of mean and dangerous like me and out to do mischief.

So yes, the ZOGland needs to have moar -- not less -- polytickal violence for nothing else to make thangs interesting and ZOG drulers scared to pull a lot of shit.

What keeps say Northeastern Ohio allowing some crazed homosexual mongrel ZOGbot from dragging a known White Supremacist and his Aryan Nations Church for a "defamation" trial and assessing millions of ZOGbux in fines and penalties and a corrupt South Dakotan kort from awarding Bryan Reo my inheritance? How about chernobyling the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant or flooding away Pierre and Ft. Pierre and making regime criminals EAT THEYS' SPAWNS' NUTS? And why shouldn't ZOGlings who support Satanic ZOG/Babylon be destroyed -- Gone With the ZOG.

In fact these [s]elections are so corrupt that you might as well stay home and do something useful and pleasurable like masturbate as opposed to voting as George Carlin a noted comedic cynic advised.

In other news, the jewkrainians fired ZOG/NATO missiles at Russian Black Sea Fleet so Putin decided to end the export of jewkrainian grain to the European jewnion. Senile Joe kvetched about this being a "Hunger Games" Blockade.

Randy Turner tells about how the crooked Newton County baby-stealers and rapers coerced some 19 year old whigger male into admitting that he diddled some girl three years younger than himself years ago and upon reaching the age to where he could be tried proceeded to go to the Joplin "Children's Center" where this crooked evil baby-stealing bitch Stephanie Theis got some tail of woe unsupported by any forensic evidence, just like that bitch coerced my retarded grandson to claim I molested him then quit. So these baby-rapers put him in jail until he coonfessed and got 15 years. Among the pigs was a former Granby pig named Matt Hixson who "investigated" the matter. Hixson is the same pig who earlier this year threatened to arrest me if I crossed his piglice tape put at the insistence of Fattt Lawna Price and was a very red-faced pig over me violating Fattt Lawna's "laws". Making this Granby piglice piece of shit eat his spawn's nuts and opening up his family's bowels for piglice perjury makes me grin.

Simply put, in order to jewstify all this Newton / Jasper Republican baby-stealing & raping there needs to be alleged White Male child molesters so in this case some whigger kid who might have got pussy from some whiggress skankling three years younger than him needs to have his life destroyed so that the White birthrate goes below replacement. In short, this Satanic "liberal democracy" run by jews is out to destroy YHWH's Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel and does it pretending to be Angels of Righteousness akin to Sodom & Gomorrah in they's jewrisprudence.

ZOG needs to be destroyed and along the way there needs to be massive political violence so that judges, lawyers, politicians and piglice get to partake first in the dire fruits of Collapse.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri Write-In Candidate for US Senate 338 Rabbit Track Road, P.O. Box 666 Granby, Missouri 64844

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