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Mad Dog Musings 30 October 2022 -- Moar Political Violence cum-cummin to the ZOGland in Civil War 2
Nov 01, 2022

"The Ten Thousand Warlords will conquer the ZOGland once ZOG/Babylon The Third & Final Falls" -- Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Pighook the Motherkiller not only just has to cum here to gloat but to rub it in that he won't ever be punished for his crimes of mother-killing and embezzlement because he serves ZOG.

Civil War 2 is inevitable for the same reason as Civil War 1 -- because Satanic whiggers simply won't let the godly White Men live in peace but must tell them the marching orders from Satan in serving ZOG/Babylon.

The Missouri Republicans and Democrats used TraitorGlenn Miller to deny "white supremacists" from the primary ballot in Missouri by allowing Republicucks who are supposed to be the "white mans' party" to run against the Establishment Partys' corporate favorites.

This professional "conservative" negro Paul Venable of the CONstitution Party is used to deny white men the ability to run for public office. In 2004 as a negro [s]elected by Mormon Republicans he denied Edgar Steele the right to run for governor. In 2016 this negro moved to Missouri and was elected CONstitution Party Chairman by some old Republican whiggers who want to run a church for office. So of course I was denied being able to run for US Senate on the CONstipation Party ticket. Thus third-party cucks deny White Men proud of being White Men access to the ballot as candidates.

Smith v. Allwright 321 US 649 (1944) had the US jewpreme kort say that Lonnie Smith, a negro sharecropper had to be allowed to run for office and could not be denied because of race even in the Texas Democratic All-White Party Primary. Sixty years later, thanks to crooked political parties using TraitorGlenn Miller the White Man is the new negro.

The Russians are stopping jewkrainian grain shipments because ZOG/Babylon gave them cruise missiles used to attack the Black Sea Fleet. No one can trust Mighty Evil Satanic ZOG/Babylon.

Some 19-year-old whigger is getting 15 years in prison for allegedly screwing some whiggress skank three years younger than him. This Granby pig named Hixson is part of the perjury. The local Republicuck baby-stealing racket is out to destroy the White man and White families.

My stepdaughter Fatass was screwing her first cousins since the age of eight and there was nothing either myself nor her mother was allowed to do about it.

Granby government is corrupt and the piglice department should be disbanded and their municipal ca$h-register kort disbanded and the police functions sent back to Newton County.

Why should any White Men obey Satanic ZOG's government? Pretend to [d]rule of [f]law?

Vote for Pastor Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt and he will make regime criminals EAT THEYS' SPAWNS' NUTS !!!

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