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Mad Dog Musings 31Oct22 SoredBrethren is Bryan Reo
Nov 03, 2022

"The Ten Thousand Warlords will conquer the ZOGland once ZOG/Babylon The Third & Final Falls" -- Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Mad Dog Musings 31 Oct 2022 --12 Years Ago I Doxxed SwordBrethren as Bryan Reo on my Talksjew Program

Twelve Years ago I and this jew playing See-Eye Dentistry named 'Eli James" / Joseph November / Joseph Putz had an argument on Talksjew over "SwordBrethren" / Bryan Reo being a mamzer jew ZOGbot playing See-Eye Dentistry with Eliar James and this Ashkenazi jew known as "William Raymond "Baal" Finck who was a Jersey City jew pig who murdered a Puerto-Rican sneak thief named Arnauldo Ortega and snitched out a fellow pig named David Dumers and took a plea bargain,ruined Dumers' appeal, and now is a supposed Greek Skrewler and See-Eye Dentist teacher who is a ZOGbot high in the ZOG False-Fag Operation "League of the South".

Thread: Eli James / jewseph November-Putz:

William Finck, Christian Pastor:

And the Bryan Reo subforum in which this mamzerkike faggot ZOGbot has taken my inheritance for "defamation" through the ZOGkorts of Ohio and South Dakota:

Bryan Reo with the aid of regime korts in Ohio and South Dakota simply stole my inheritance as planned all along.

Then explaining how these jews and mamzers get into the Bowel Movement by simply networking and ZOG infiltration to take over local movements comprised not of organic Klansmen and Christian Identity but brought in buy ZOGbots like Eli James (brought in by Dan Johns who was brought in by James "Wicked" Wickstrom the ZOGbot. Then Eli James brings in Baal Finck and Bryan Reo.

So what to do? Simple when done the Mad Dog Way: Make regime criminals EAT THEYS' SPAWNS' NUTS !!! Then everything will be fine as both Satan's Government and those who serve Satan will be gone.

The Crackhead's cur dog comes over to yap and is driven off.

The Ohio state and federal courts have deliberately allowed one of their agent provacateurs namely Bryan Reo to generate and get numerous civil judgments against Pastor Lindstedt and his Aryan Nations Church. The State of South Dakota has allowed its lawyers to violate theys' own laws, specifically SD State Law 15-16A-6 that on foreign judgments no execution or levy can be done until all appellate process is completed.

Yet the South Dakota Supreme Court on April 11, 2022 wrote the death warrants for every single lawyer, judge, police and politician in South Dakota and the eating of theys' spawns nuts as well as being reduced to slavery and forfeiture of theys' property by dismissing my appeal against Attorney Robert Konrad's and Bryan Reo's bogus lawsuit against my inheritance and my sister. Then on April 13th Judge Bridget Mayer signed levies totalling $2.8 million against my inheritance and my property was given to Bryan Reo on the Stanley County courthouse steps on May 26, 2022. The appeals process is still pending before the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals and will not be decided before 8 Dec. 2022.

So yes, a 2d Great Civil War is necessary in order for White People to rebel against the Satanic Mighty Evil ZOG Empire which used crazed delusional homosexual mongrel agents provacateur such as Bryan Reo to oppress open White Supremacists who want to destroy this Satanic Beast Power. Thus we must fight with ZOG so that as a People we will destroy this parasitic Satanic regime.

And to start with that you should write in a candidate who will make ZOG/Babylon regime criminals EAT THEYS' SPAWNS' NUTS !!!

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri Write-In Candidate for US Senate 338 Rabbit Track Road P.O. Box 666 Granby, Missouri 64844

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