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Mad Dog Musings 3 Nov 2022 -- An Alliance between the Aryan Nations and Proud Niggers versus the Satanic jews? Why not?
Nov 05, 2022

"The Ten Thousand Warlords will conquer the ZOGland once ZOG/Babylon The Third & Final Falls" -- Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Mad Dog Musings 3 Nov 2022 -- An Alliance between the Aryan Nations and Proud Niggers versus the Satanic jews? Why not?

Well this proud nigger Kanye West and another proud nigger basketball player got all uppity and got smacked down by those Spawn of Satan -- the jews. Kanye lost 2 billion ZOGbux, the bakketbawl player $500,000 and were treated like niggers who got all uppity by theys' lawds & massturds the jews anyways regardless of how they grovelled.

Now as de facto and de jure by reason of being slapped down by jew lawyers and jewdges in Ohio and South Dakota I am head of the Aryan Nations acting as the Sein Fein to the Army of Aryan Christian Israel and of course we shall help pull down ZOG/Babylon. But why not make common cause with Proud Niggers who are learning all about jews -- Satan is theys daddy and ZOG/Babylon is the jews' criminal regime.

After all, according to Dual-Seedline Christian Identity doxology, Satan wasn't getting anywhere with Adam's rib skank Eve until Satan incarnated hisself into a "Satan-nigger" with a 12 inch blacksnake. Eve said, "My what a peach and rolled onto her back on her round heels, spread her legs, and enjoyed the Satan-nigger's blacksnake. Then Adam being a whigger cuck got sloppy seconds and inverse male telegony on his hangdown. Nine months later kicked out of Eden Eve gave birth to fraternal twins, Cain the First jew and Abel Bin Adam. Ever since there has been war with Adamic man and the jews.

So the niggers -- especially those who think theys' jew niggers -- are slapped down by jews. So Pastor Lindstedt is asking the Proud Niggers to write his name down on the ballot for US Senator and even if these Proud Niggers have less ZOGbux, to send him some.

Trudy Busch the billionare beer-bink is the Demonocrat running against Eric Sch[m]itt and myself and yapping about having more niglet abortions and about Eric Schmitt letting the chinks buy Smithfield Farms to raise pigs. I'm suggesting that if Trudy is all pissed about niglet fetuses going to waste, that she get into putting them into jars and selling them to the chinks as "niglet veal". Chinks will eat all sorts of shit, and tender niglet veal in jars with suitable sauses or marinated in theys' own placenta blood should render plenty of ZOGbux. In fact GOP Georgia nigger for Senatard Herschel Walker could impregnate a lot of she-boons and it can be run as an operation.

So Proud Niggers, send me some of your jew-diminished ZOGbux and hurry! And to start with that you should write in a candidate who will make ZOG/Babylon regime criminals EAT THEYS' SPAWNS' NUTS !!!

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri Write-In Candidate for US Senate 338 Rabbit Track Road P.O. Box 666 Granby, Missouri 64844

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