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Genesis | Pt. 33 Joseph Dreams
Feb 04, 2023

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Genesis 37 Joseph grows up in a very dysfunctional home Jacob had 4 wives & lots of children Joseph had many brothers from multiple mothers Great family drama Jacob's favorite wife = Rachel but he had 3 others Saying in the Middle East of why you need 4 wives These wives all competed against one another Sibling rivalry formed One big dysfunctional family Dinah Genesis 34:1-2, Dinah gets raped and brothers seek revenge Jacob gets angry not because of the rape, or the brutatility of his sons but what it does to his image Genesis 34:30-31 Jacob was a passive father Genesis theme = Passive husbands & fathers create dysfunction Adam & Eve Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Genesis teaches us 3 things about family life

  1. Passive husbands/fathers lead to dysfunction in a family When issues arise they must be dealt with Sweeping them under the rug does not make them disappear It causes a giant powder keg US culture wants to create passive men 1940's teachers listed top issues Talking out of turn, chewing gum, running in the halls Recent survey of teachers Drug abuse, suicide, robbery 7 assault What changed? Kids watch 4-5 hrs of TV per day; spend 35 min on average with dad What advice for the ministry?
  2. Dysfunction in a family will always produce jealousy in the family Nothing is as cruel as jealousy Solomon got it right when he said, “Jealousy is as cruel as the grave” (Song of Solomon 8:6) Jealousy never corrects itself
  3. Jealousy in a family leads to destruction in the family This is what happened in Jacob's family Joseph Dreams Genesis 37:5.” At 17 God gives Joseph a dream Even in the midst of dysfunction Joseph had a relationship with God You might be in a dysfunctional state of life but that doesn’t mean God can’t speak to you Bible college - How do I know if it’s God?

God Still Speaks Prayer is a dialogue not a monologue God has not lost His voice John 10:27 - My sheep know my voice In order to hear you have to listen Walkie Talkie

3 channels God speaks through

  1. The Bible Bible is a love letter Every time you pick it up God is speaking to you Get in the Word

  2. Visions, Dreams, Images and Mental Pictures Joel 2: 28 This still happens today

  3. Audible Voice Most rare but does happen Sometimes soft Other times loud Begin listening for the voice of God Proverbs 8:34

How to Test if it is from God

  1. God's Voice will never contradict His Word Psalm 89:34

  2. God's voice will never tempt you to sin Steal from your neighbor? Not God Leave your wife for another married woman? Not God James 1:13

  3. God's voice will be confirmed by God's people I will always share with those close to me Proverbs 11:14

Joseph heard from God and then he tells his dysfunctional family If you have ever shared with your family something from God it can sometimes go south Joseph shares his dream and does not get a positive response from his super ultra competitive family Be careful who you share your dreams with Don't cast pearls before swine Surround yourself with a Dream Team The hatred in their heart towards Joseph will soon into tragedy Unchecked hatred will eventually become a devastating action That’s why the sermon last week is so important Matthew 5:21-22 Anger in your heart creates a living hell You can hear the jealousy and hatred in their voices We always think we are Joseph, but many times we are like his brothers Jealous of another's blessing or success This robe that Joseph was wearing stood for everything they hated about Joseph and so it was the first thing to go They then threw their younger brother down into this pit where he could not get out. As their brother is in this pit they are eating a meal and some traders come by. So instead of killing Joseph they decided to sell him and make some money off him. So here we have human trafficking taking place. Imagine being Joseph. Here you are having done nothing wrong but you know find yourself in this pit and you are all of a sudden a slave on your way to Egypt. Now here is Joseph; the man of God, called of God and given a dream at the age of seventeen. He goes from a promise to a pit. He has the whole world in front of him and he is ready to conquer it, but now he is a slave headed down to a foreign land where he does not speak the language, he is not used to the food and does not know how to act socially. Everything in Joseph’s life has suddenly changed. Imagine the thoughts that were going through his mind: will I ever see my dad again? Will I be killed when I get wherever they are taking me? What is going to happen to me?

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