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Naomi Wolf Calls Pfizer's mRNA Covid Jabs Part of the 'War on Women'
Feb 11, 2023

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Dr. Naomi Wolf has become one of the leading figures exposing the truth about the Covid-19 "vaccines." She came from an unexpected source; as a liberal, she's among the small group of people from the political left who have crossed over to play in the mostly conservative realm of Covid jab opposition.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I talked about the story below from Natural News that highlights bombshell claims echoed by Dr. Wolf. Here's the original article from Natural News:

Daily Clout CEO Naomi Wolf described Pfizer’s mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine as a war against women and human fertility.

She explained that the mRNA shot was supposed to address a respiratory infection. However, it resulted in many women suffering horrible things in their reproductive systems and their children experiencing vaccine injuries.

“To me it says that this is a war against women,” Wolf said. “It’s a war against women’s fertility, women’s ability to nurse, women’s ability to carry and deliver live babies. And they knew it, they ruined women,” Wolf said.

She pointed her fingers at government health agencies along with the medical establishment for pushing pregnant women to get the vaccine. These people, alongside those who were aware of the vaccine’s danger on fertility, should be held accountable.

In particular, she cited Report 38 – a document penned by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Chandler that came out in August 2022. The report, which was scrutinized by a team from the Daily Clout and “Bannon’s War Room,” found that 923,194 women – 72 percent of the total female vaccine trial participants – suffered from vaccine injuries. Of this number, 16 percent were reproductive disorders.

“The Pfizer document analysis reports that women are hurt more than men. And it really leads you to wonder if this mRNA injection is kind of a war against women. It certainly is a war against human fertility,” Wolf said.

Moreover, the author and former political advisor mentioned Chandler’s finding that the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) in the COVID-19 vaccine spread throughout the body within 48 hours. The LNPs accumulate in various organs, such as the brain, spleen, liver and ovaries. (Related: Pfizer knew its mRNA vaccine for covid “leaked into ovaries” but covered it all up.)

Earlier, Wolf had issued warnings about the 13 to 19 percent drop in live births worldwide – especially in Western Europe and North America, which used the mRNA vaccines.

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