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The REAL Reason for the Transgender Fight Over Our Children
Feb 11, 2023

. Husband. Father. EIC - NOQ Report. Co-Founder - Freedom First Network. Editor - The Liberty Daily. Pro-Life. Pro-2A. Pro-Israel. .

There are many theories about why there has been such a tremendous push to indoctrinate as many children as possible into the LGBTQIA+ supremacy camp. Of particular interest is the promotion of gender dysphoria. What was once considered by psychologists to be a mental illness is now promoted as a consummation to be coveted.

Why are they pushing children to make such a permanent and destructive decision when they clearly do not possess the experience or emotional fortitude to do so? The answer is quite clear, though it seems to be missed by many. This is a direct attack against God. It's an attack against the Bible. It's an attack against faith.

If a little boy can be convinced that he's actually a girl, then his path toward salvation is greatly hampered. If an omniscient and omnipotent god had put a girl in a boy's body, then that boy will likely come to one of two inaccurate conclusions. Either he'll think that God made a mistake or that God doesn't exist. By brainwashing children into this type of lifestyle and belief system, the powers-that-be will have greatly hampered that person's ability to come to the proper conclusions about Creation and their very existence.

This is a Satanic agenda. As I discussed on a clip from an upcoming episode of The JD Rucker Political Report, this is the type of action that will not only cost the souls of the victims, but will also weaken our nation to a point from which we may not be able to fight back in the coming decades or even years. This is an existential threat and must be addressed immediately.

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