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Strengthening Our Faith Is the Most Important Thing We Can Do to Prepare for What's to Come
Feb 18, 2023

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On Friday's premium episode of The JD Rucker Political Report on Red Voice Media, I went over the ten things Americans can do right now to try to save the nation and save themselves. The two goals go hand-in-hand; we cannot save ourselves if the nation completely falls apart and we cannot save the nation if we're imprisoned or dead.

The two-hour show is relatively comprehensive on most of the ten actions we can take, so instead of making everyone listen to the whole thing to get to the most important one (though you should definitely listen to the whole thing if you have the time), I'll cut to the chase and offer the most important thing any of us can do.

Strengthening our faith in God is the big one. Those who are not Bible-believing Christians should consider the teachings of the New Testament to go along with the Old Testament as our ultimate guide for life. But even those who believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior should strive to become stronger in our faith before the "crap hits the fan" because very few of us have ever had our faith tested the way it's going be challenged in the near future.

Would you and everyone in your family willingly die if asked to renounce Christ to save your life? Would you let your family members suffer if the only alternative was to abandon your faith? Would your family members let you suffer if given the same option?

In 2015, around 20 Egyptian Christians were marched to the beach by ISIS. They were given the option of renouncing Christ or getting beheaded on video. These brave men refused to defy their beliefs. They didn't save their own lives while thinking, "I'll lie about it now and God will know in my heart that it's not true when I say I renounce the Messiah."

If things do go very much south in the near future, then it seems very likely the powers-that-be will lay down as many speedbumps and roadblocks as possible to keep the faithful from practicing what they believe. Even if the crap doesn't hit the fan, we're already seeing constant attacks against religious liberties in America that often force people to make difficult decisions. This is only going to get worse even if we're not facing the end... though it certainly seems to many of us that we ARE facing it.

My skillset does not currently include strong prosthelytizing. I hope to get better. I know it's often seen in a negative light in America, but I believe it is a crucial component of our preparations for the end times if we are indeed facing very difficult days ahead. But this video isn't as much about prosthelytizing as it is about alerting everything, faithful or not, that our unwoke belief systems will be put to the harshest tests possible in the near future. We must steel ourselves now and get ready for persecution. It's coming one way or another.

As society deteriorates, it's conceivable that many of us will be left with nothing but our faith. They can and likely will strip everything else from us, and while it's important to fight for those things, it's critical to never sacrifice our beliefs for the sake of worldly security.

Pain, suffering, and sorrow can pass, but eternal life does not.

Watch the whole premium show:

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