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Diagnosing Christendom Part THREE
Mar 02, 2023

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell I must fit Orwell's quote because I was shadow banned for years, original FB account that went to 5000 friends in six weeks cancelled. Two strikes now at YouTube - Bond Robin and Mr Bond Robin

I walked away from the Pentecostal movement in 1970 and the Ecumenical Charismatic Movement in 1979, while I was a pastor in the United Methodist Church. I can't say I met lifelong friends in the nine years I was the only non-Roman Catholic in the Charismatic Ministry of the Atlanta Archdiocese. I did meet people with whom my life "interlaced" in the synergistic wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I was accepted there, I think, because the Roman Church lack exorcists, and I was a self-trained exorcist, the result of my early years, in which God placed me in a very real spiritual battle. I was never part of the "evangelical side" of the contemporary music church, by God's mercy I escaped that. Having left Pentecostalism behind 54 years ago and charismaticism behind 43 years ago, doing a review of the fate of both movements in the years of my absence is both amazing and heartwrenching. Lucifer's henchmen in the Mossad and CIA have made these movement tools of their Anti-Christ conquest of Russia, have now been partners in the slaying of the Ukrainian Nation, and produced generations of very proud. mental and spiritual imbeciles. Next video, we are going to examine one of Kim Clement's musical prophecies from 2010 where he confirms everything I have ever said about (1) Zionism (2) American Zionist Evangelicals viewing the War Criminal Benjamin Netanyahu as a Holy Spirit Anointed SAINT. (3) the subtle acceptance of the Gay culture as "okay," not necessarily desired, but nonetheless, okay.

But till then, use this video as preparation for what is to come, but cause the fault teachers abound and their "ministry" is WAR, and we are engaging. +++ Please Support Bond Robin's Work Bond Robin PO Box 1174 Hartwell, Georgia 30643

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