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"Co-Appearance" Tech Puts AI Facial Recognition Tracking on Steroids and Crack Cocaine
Mar 08, 2023

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The most dangerous technologies in the world invariably launched based on stated goals that were beneficial for mankind. As we've learned over the centuries, new technology always lands in the wrong hands and is quickly perverted by the machinations of mankind's evil nature.

AI-driven "co-appearance technology" may be the exception. No, it's not the exception because it won't be used for evil. It's the exception because it only loosely uses the guise of being a benefit before lurching straight into the realm of dystopian evil.

To understand this fully, we have to take a look at where it is today and extrapolate how it will be used in the not-too-distant future. Both private corporations and governments are installing the technology into their systems to build trackable networks of people. By making connections based on proximity, commonality, and repetition, it can essentially determine who your friends are, then who their friends are, then who their friends' friends are... on and on.

This may sound on par with other privacy-sucking technologies that are being implemented today, but it's actually far worse when we consider where this is going. Today, it's facial recognition and cross-referencing databases. Tomorrow they add in social media, then GPS tracking, then predictive modeling. Building their database of networks will have the singular benefit of assisting in the takedown of criminal networks or thwarting plots, but everything else about this is horrible. Even taking down criminals with this technology brings forward constitution questions.

Imagine being the subject of an investigation because you're identified as being part of a network of "domestic terrorists." You may have no engagement whatsoever in such plans, but because the guy you saw twice at a bar and once at the grocery store pulled you into his "network" based on proximity, you're now one of the bad guys.

It gets worse. The integration into social credit scoring, which China has already done with their co-appearance technology, could mean you get thrown in the virtual gulag based on activities of the people around you. Crimes do not have to be committed or planned for you to be harmed by this burgeoning attack on our privacy.

Now, add in a near-future scenario of another plandemic and the contact-tracing applications of this technology are undeniable. You could wake up one morning to men in hazmat suits putting quarantine tape on your front door because you were too close to someone at the gas station the other day.

Arsenio Toledo goes into more detail about this in his article at Natural News:

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