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Mindful of Your Food and Eating Meditation
Mar 14, 2023

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Inspiring, encouraging, educating, and supporting expectant women who are seeking to experience unhindered, undisturbed, physiologic birth as well as heal past emotional wounds while also creating life balance. Author of Embracing Birth: wholistic childbirth education (a home study course) and a weekly self coaching book series.

VISION: Every tiny human comes into the world humanely knowing they are wanted, loved, respected and safe with all other human beings.

MISSION: Inspiring expectant couples to listen, trust, and surrender to their inner wisdom. Encouraging families to live in balance using the Oola Lifestyle Framework as their foundation. Educating expectant couples to use emotional healing and mindset techniques that bring confidence to their decision making process. Supporting expectant couples as they take responsibility for the choices they make while navigating all their options to create the best possible outcome for their unique situation.

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