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Sunny Day Lunging With a Jump
Mar 19, 2023

Obtained my Natural Health Practitioner Diploma March 2022 and offer Biblical Natural Health Coaching. You will find videos here related to natural health, family and animal, Faith-based, and issues-based.

Today Ashley lunged Bella, but we set up a small crosspole. As the barn owner doesn't have her equipment out yet, we wrapped two sets of poles with trail tape, and pulled out the green poles and two barrels to hold them. This video catches the lunge session partway through the first round of jumping the crosspoles at a trot, and then the full set at a canter, including when the crosspole was changed to a vertical. Bella still had energy after this set, so after the camera stopped, Ashley let her rip around further. Turns out she had more wiggles to get out, then it was cooling down on both reins (both sides for even muscling). It was so warm today! Unfortunately, the barn owner's dad thinks he can park trailers around the perimeter of the arena, something the owner hopes to rectify if possible. But there is enough room to have exercise space in and out of saddle.

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