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Big Pharma History - How John D Rockefeller Created Western Medicine
Mar 19, 2023

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John D Rockefeller was an oil billionaire that destroyed medicine. Learn how he created Western medicine and ruined health. Learn more about Rockefeller:

how is Bill Gates an authority on anything medical? he made MS DOS He's part of the plan, which extends beyond generations.

Rockefeller Medicine

We have an evil and corrupt medical system. The one you can thank is John D Rockefeller. He was an oil billionaire that became the richest man in the United States

In 1863 he opened his first oil refinery in Cleveland. Rockefeller believed that competition was sin, and that he needed to eliminate the competition. Therefore he started to buy every oil refinery that he could find in Cleveland, and within two years he owned most of them. Over a decade later, his company Standard Oil owned most oil refineries in the United States.

His control over the oil market created the first American monopoly. The government didn't like this, so they forced his company to split into smaller companies.

Because of Rockefeller's greed, not many people liked him. He wanted to fix his reputation, but at the same time, earn even more money. Then he found a brilliant solution.

Rockefeller found out that there was a way to use his oil to create drugs. His oil was only worth about a nickel per gallon, but if he used his oil to create drugs, he could earn millions of dollars per gallon.

In order for him to succeed with his plan, he bought a German company I.G Farben. It was the same company that would later assist Hitler when he killed Jews. Rockefeller's biggest threat was natural health. One big problem with natural remedies was that it wasn't possible to patent them. Therefore he needed to eliminate it.

The first step in the takeover of the medical system was to take over the medical schools. Rockefeller then employed a man called Abraham Flexner. His task was to make a report of the medical schools in America. Flexner was against natural health and believed that it was quackery, and that hospitals needed to use allopathic scientific medicine. Flexner released his report in 1910.In his report, he said that American schools should impose higher admission and graduation standards.

Congress then accepted his report and medical schools had to teach allopathic medicine. When Rockefeller got the green light that medical schools had to teach allopathic medicine he and the Carnegie family gave grants to medical schools.

Rockefeller also created the American Medical Association. This organization introduced a medical licensing system. Only doctors that had a license could work as a doctor, and everyone else that used natural remedies got eliminated.

The Rockefellers are one of the biggest names in the eugenics movement. It's the belief that the world is overpopulated and that we need to shrink it. Rockefeller and other elite banking families believed that they were better than anybody else and that they needed to create a pure race.

The eugenics movement started in America before Hitler killed Jews. It was actually the Rockefellers that introduced this concept to him and helped him kill a lot of people. The Rockefellers also started the organization Planned Parenthood. Bill Gates' father was once the leader of this organization, and that's the reason why Bill Gates is so involved in eugenics.

Federal Reserve Board Meeting

The Rockefellers and the other elite banking families also created the Federal Reserve. It's a central bank in America that creates money from thin air.Bankers met in secrecy in Jekyll Island, Georgia, in 1910. Their plan was to take over the financial system.

In 1913, they got Congress to pass a bill, where the money would be created from a central bank. And with the control over the production of money, the Rockefellers, and other elite families could now buy everything they wanted.

The aim of Big Pharma medicine is not to make people healthy. Instead, its goal is to make everyone sick, because you can't earn a lot of money if people are healthy.

You can't become healthy if you follow the corrupt system. Psychopaths created the medical system that we have today, and they still run it. Unless we don't realize this, we will continue to stay sick and never heal.

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