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Racial, Female, and Trans Agendas Bring Misery! | Thu. 3-23-23
Mar 23, 2023

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Libs treat angry blacks like victims! Scottish women rise! "Nonbinary" 2nd grade teacher! United Airlines "trans" suicide!

The Hake Report, Thursday, March 23, 2023 AD – Opening clip: black guy interferes with police work and beats up white cop in fast food place. Mixed gal tweeted everybody knows they bring destruction. // Old viral clip: Military-looking "white" young man promotes cherry-picked data from ACLU propagandist Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness." // MMA/BJJ hero Jake Shields tweeted it's weird and unfortunate that former Black Lives Matter sympathizers (presumably non-black) in San Francisco are turning "racist" because blacks are given more of a pass on crime. //

CALLS: Frederick in L.A. I think tries to suggest the "snowflake white boys" taking opioids are treated better than the black crack dealers of the 80s-90s. //

HOUR 2: Sion from Georgia fears her heart beats faster post-vaxx, and might not have kids. Trump changed his mind on people protesting for him, according to his friend Dick Morris. //

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is on an ego trip as a woman who reached the highest office in the land. She and other politicians "officially apologize" for decades-past policy forcing unmarried mothers to give up their babies for adoption. // "Non-binary" 2nd grade teacher (who goes by Mx.) recounts pushing gender confusion on children (7 and 8-year-olds). // United Airlines promoted a "trans" male-to-"female" stewardess who gave up on life 3 years later, posting a morbid apology on IG. //

MUSIC: "Chicken Lips" and "No One Else I Know" - Mary Rice Hopkins (1991, Good Buddies) //

0:00:00 INTRO: Cop attacked! Mixed gal: They only destroy! 0:05:04 Hey, guys! American Shooters LV tee 0:07:28 The New Jim Crow propaganda by military man 0:21:05 Jake Shields distraught: SF BLM libs turn racist! 0:32:14 HERBERT, CA: Prank gone awry? 0:32:39 JEFF, LA: Uganda "anti-gay" laws 0:39:35 FREDERICK, CA: Opioid vs Crack epidemics, violence 0:54:14 "Chicken Lips" - Mary Rice Hopkins (1991, Good Buddies) 0:59:01 Supers: BLM resentment, tinnitus pronunciation, Esther listened to men 1:06:53 TSION, GA: Vaxx effects? Caffeine? Dick Morris on Trump protesting 1:22:05 Scottish gal Nicola Sturgeon: "When women lift, ghettoes rise(??)" 1:27:40 Scotland apologizes for forced adoption (out-of-wedlock mothers) 1:36:59 Nonbinary 2nd grade teacher pushes LGBT ideology on kids 1:43:02 United Air's trans male stewardess commits suicide RIP 1:51:40 WILLIAM, CA: Denver black kid school shooting, and other stories 1:58:06 "No One Else I Know" - Mary Rice Hopkins (1991, Good Buddies)




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