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Mar 31, 2023

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Belief In Traditional American Values Plummeting: WSJ Poll

According to a depressing new poll from The Wall Street Journal, belief in the importance of traditional American values has plummeted in the United States in recent decades.

The poll queried U.S. respondents about the importance of patriotism, religious faith, having children and other traditionally American values in their lives. Only 39% of Americans surveyed said their religious faith is very important to them, and just 38% said patriotism is very important.

The Journal compared those numbers to the results from the first time it ran the poll in 1998… when 62% of Americans said religion was very important to them, and 70% said patriotism was. And that was during the Clinton administration!

So, apparently, a majority of Americans no longer believe either religion or patriotism is important.

If that is the case, Democrats will never be out of power again. They never tire of dissing the country, its founders…and the concept of objective truth, morality…and God. (“Male and female He made them? Screw that, I decide if I am male or female…or any other gender, including ones I make up out of whole cloth!”)

Remarkably, the survey also purported to find that a plurality of Americans believe the U.S. has not gone far enough in promoting equality between men and women, accepting people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual, or in promoting racial and ethnic diversity in business and universities. If we go any further down that road, no one but members of the BIPOC LGBTQ Community will ever again be allowed to head a company or attend college.

The results of this poll, if they are reasonably accurate depictions of Americans’ values, or lack thereof, are disheartening to say the least. If, essentially, 23% of Americans lost their belief in a higher power, and 32% lost their belief in the goodness of their country in just the past 25 years…it is time to turn out the lights, as the party is unquestionably over.


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